Sep 272011

It has been a month since I moved to New Haven to start a postdoc at Yale. Research is going well, I am going to work on a completely new topic, the scattering of vibrationally excited molecules on metal surfaces. It’s a pretty complicated problem and I think it is going to be fun to work on it. Right now I am working on some experiments done by the Wodtke group. They essentially scatter vibrationally excited NO on a gold surface, Au(111) (see picture). One of the most interesting aspect of these experiments is that the NO can transfer the energy of 5-7 vibrational levels to excite and eject one electron from the surface. This in a bit counter intuitive since one would expect NO to transfer vibrational energy one quantum at a time and excite several electrons (think of the photoelectric effect). I hope to help solve this puzzle.

 September 27, 2011  Research

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  1. That’s really strange. Usually entropic arguments alone are enough to ensure that one quantum splits into many quanta (think dissipation of electronic energy to nuclei), not the other way around. I’ll be curious to talk to you after you’ve been into this for a while!

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